Local Presence

The world’s perspective is becoming increasingly global. With the use of telephone, internet and fast transportation we reach each other quickly, distances are decreasing.


Meanwhile the pace is increasing and within the industry forward planning times are becoming shorter. Flexibility and short lead times are expected standard of today.


Figeholm Elboard is a quality product that is used worldwide within the transformer industry. Our ambition is to get as close to our customers as we can. We are continually expanding our service and local presence by establishing cooperation with agents and partners to extend our network of converters and distributors.

Some transformer production continues to be carried out in Europe, but new plants are being built locally in developing countries where there is a great need for electrical power. As a consequence, transformer suppliers have often located their factories in the same region, in a cluster-like fashion. For this reason, we have been positioning our organisation close to these production clusters.


Operational Excellence
Our operation’s knowledge base is constantly being faced with new challenges. Skill and experience are continually evolving and the relationship we have with our customers is an iterative process.

The knowledge and experience being developed locally is anchored within the central organisation and exchanged between our operational units. That is how we are driving development of the industry’s knowledge.

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Components made from Figeholm Elboard  and Figeholm Laminate are sold under the name Pucaro.