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Figeholms Bruk was founded in 1931 and began producing transformer-board in 1932. It was a family owned company until its acquisition in 1973 by ABB Sweden. 


Figeholm, founded in 1931, is specialized in producing insulation materials for power transformers with the trademark Figeholm Elboard®.
In the beginning, Figeholm was a family owned business, which was acquired by ABB Sweden in 1973.

Today, Figeholm is a part of ABB Sweden and still situated in Figeholm, a community on the Baltic coast of south-east Sweden. The Figeholm community is located some 300 km south of Stockholm and about 15 km north of the town of Oskarshamn.

Figeholm Elboard® is a cellulose based insulation material, more commonly known as pressboard. The Figeholm Elboard® is produced on a paper mill machine with cellulose pulp as commodity in a process similar to paper and cardboard production. The difference for the pressboard (referring to the name) is the final process step, in which the wet board is pressed and dried in a special designed hot-press.
The excellent characteristics of the Figeholm Elboard® in the transformer insulation application are obtained by our state of the art production process. Our special pulp recipe, the even distribution of cellulose fibers in our pressboard and the final pressing step ensures that the Figeholm Elboard® has practically equal mechanical properties in all directions (Machine Direction and Cross Machine Direction), as well as an outstanding manufacturability for our customers’ further processing.
The base shape of the Figeholm Elboard® is large sheets of dimensions 4200 x 3200 mm and thicknesses of 1-8 mm. The sheets can be cut to smaller dimensions, as well as glued together to pressboard laminates when thicknesses up to 200 mm are required.
The Figeholm Elboard® Laminates are glued with either polyester glue (HDLP), or casein glue (HDLC).
The Figeholm Elboard® Laminates are often refined to customer designed Figeholm Elboard® Insulation Components and delivered in assembly-ready Figeholm Elboard® Insulation Kits.
Figeholm has an aim to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible.
To fulfill this commitment Figeholm is since 2012 certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council® A.C.) and have the right to use FSC®-certified raw material in our products to promote them as sustainable forestry products.
Figeholm’s customers are located around the globe and exist both internally and externally of the ABB group.
Premium Figeholm Elboard® insulation material from Figeholm, Sweden, designed in partnership with our customers towards an energy efficient transformation, sustainable world and enlightened future!

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Components made from Figeholm Elboard  and Figeholm Laminate are sold under the name Pucaro.