Our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. Therefore, we use FSC®-certified raw material in our production.


Figeholm Elboard® is produced by locally grown premium cellulose from slow growing pine and spruce wood. The Scandinavian wood gives long and strong fibres. Mechanical strength comes from the strong fibres themselves and from the adhesion between them. There is no filler material and no bonding agents are added. By choosing local suppliers, we also achieve short transports.

Full control

We maintain full control over the process from fibre to finished components. The emissions from our production process are purified to levels well below the approved maxima of the Swedish enviromental authorities.

Certified suppliers
FSC®-certified suppliers, combined with our environmentally adapted production facility gives us a unique position among board suppliers.

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Components made from Figeholm Elboard  and Figeholm Laminate are sold under the name Pucaro.